Friday, April 22, 2011

Supply Chain Analyst- Challenges Aboard

As the days pass by and I am getting more drawn in the life of Singapore, I am getting busier and busier here.My 5 days are very very busy and is full of pressure, lots of work. I believe my honeymoon period ended much earlier than I expected.It has been just a little more than a month that I have arrived here and started work so I dedicate this blog to my 1month anniversary.

 Before I came here, I did not create any hopes about the city, but one thing i knew it very well that i am here for only one thing and that is HARD WORK. I am trying to be modest but i believe that i really have stepped into too big shoe fit for me since my role is very demanding. I wanted a job where i would have opportunity to learn, to grow, make good network, get exposure and be exited. I am elated to see that it indeed is true. The work culture here is very good. Environment is very free. Minimal rules are imposed and nobody questions anybody. All they demand is result with deadline. And that’s what we are here to deliver.

But to sustain here in this role is not an easy task. This is something which i have understood very clearly. You need to be very aware and conscious of things happening around in business to form a judgment; you must have a huge appetite to manage the loads of information flow. Trust me with so much data, sometimes it is mind boggling. And most important, you have to be fast and very efficient.But as they say, the job of analyst is to extract the information from the data and ask intelligent questions to people and get down to the crux of things.

Challenge to me is to increase my efficiency and maintain my focus. Focus is very crucial in the role of Supply Chain Analyst. If you know very well what you are looking for, you will filter out the unnecessary information very fast, form the right questions and highlight important things to top management. Not always it happens that your boss has got so much time to mould you into this role but i am fortunate enough to have my boss like one. He is very objective, firm and data dependent. You just can’t tweak things in front of him, you need to be very well prepared in front of him and that’s where the focus comes into play.

I am trying to be fast enough to understand the business but still lot more needs to be done. The idea is to keep a very keen eye on each and everything, have a firm control on the message passing across, and be good in MS Excel and SAP. The trick is if you have a good command over system, work is like a good game of managing supply and demand.

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