Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ideas @ Work !!

I am at times very experimental in nature and at times I am very conservative. It reflects from my moods into kinds of things which I do and the kinds of hobbies I pursue. currently I have 3 big ideas in my mind and I am trying to execute these ideas and reach the desired goal. A lot of times I get various ideas, sometimes they are so strong that I just become impulsive and jump and my guns but then after some times I lose the fizz. My challenge is that I don’t let my enthusiasm just die like that and I take it till the execution level.

One thing is very clear to me; you can implement any idea into its final goal only and only when you have a firm and rock solid belief in your idea and If you have this belief that no force can deter or demotivate you. I am now not going to just jump at my gun but I will first evaluate if I believe in them strongly or not. Once I take them ahead then there is not going to be any looking back.

Idea 1: organize a drama by the junior batch based on any classic English play like Shakespeare in next month. Take a professional help, manage people and their resistance, enthuse people and handle all sorts of issues but organize a great event, invite all the people from the college and show the drama in front of everyone. My success and sense of achievement will be determined when I will see this whole show happening in front of me and getting praises by eveybody.this will be an ultimate test of a manager and leader and I am hell belt in making this come true.

Idea 2: organize a workshop for SAP for the students of operations management in october.this was the idea which I was cultivating since long and after returning from my enriching experience from internship. I was very sure that if I want something, then it will not come to me just like that but I have to reach out and grab it. I am happy to see that it is coming quite true. Today I have had a meeting with our CEO and he was quite convinced with my idea. A lesson I have learned from this exercise that I can be a good marketeer as well. The only way you can sell your idea is if you are very sure about it and you have necessary data to back it up.

Idea 3:Though this one was the most earliest idea advancing in my I always wanted to write a research paper but I was not clear which should be a suitable topic. Now after tinkering with few topics I have found my topic and without keeping any unrealistic deadlines imposed on me, I want to work on this project daily as a discipline. I wish my paper sees the light of the day someday.

This will be on my agenda for very near future and I wish myself luck and hope that my motivation, my will power stays intact and my belief grows more and more with days passing by.

Leaving this blog with a quote which I made myself yesterday, "the sign of excellence in a person is not when he competes with others, but when he competes with himself, not for a week, not for a month but day in day out and makes it a way of his life."

Thursday, September 16, 2010

In Retrospect

My occasional revisit to my blog sometimes forces me to think if I find this as a blog actually or a compendium of recent events. My rare visits to the blog sometimes make me believe so.upon questioning, I see my blog as this way.

Blogging, to me is a way of self expression. A natural and very free form of expressing your thoughts, ideas and random musings which most of the times are so irrelevant for any person to be told about it. It is a channel through which I can look back to some of the important things in recent past as a retrospect and ponder over them. It makes me document the important things in my life which I can read after years and reflect on the way I was groomed.

Having set this motive as a tone; let me now share with you some of the things.

I gave my ECO exam last week and my mood is 'satisfyingly clueless'.i now this a strange emotion which it usually occurs to you, when you've worked too hard for that exam almost on the verge of getting 'burnout' from the repeated study, and after giving exam you are clueless to decide if your paper was good or not, but you are satisfied that the paper is over. I think some part of the reason is because when I study any subjects for an exam I have a habit to stick my neck deep into it until the phase is over.

after a long time I went to library and upon spending a really long time pondering ,I picked up one book on the leadership and promised myself yet again that I will finish this book soon noticed something peculiar in my search for book today.previusoly when I used to go to library to issue any book, it would take much time to pick up because I was too fascinated to read just about anything, but now I find it too tough to pick and I have become very selctive.it might be possibly because either I am too voracious reader now or I have developed some 'stereotypical' tastes which makes me uncompromisingly slective.nevertheless,my choice of book this time was very starnge,i picked up this book because I had heard about the author and I found the cover very attractive. Wondering and coming to believe that book covers are really a very vital part in your gross sales.

A lot of things have happened in the campus off late, lotss of new things I am experiencing, some of them were unanticipated while some were anticipated but the experience is completely new. But there is one thing which those experiences have fundamentally reaffirmed by belief that no matter what are the externalities, you must never and never compromise from your values and must always be focused on the goal. As you progress in your career and stages of life, new things will come, they will try to attach with you but the idea is that you must be very sure what the things which are negotiable to you are and what are non negotiables.once you see these things clesarly, it will be very easy to live and achieve success.

Your goal is only what is true and close to your heart, rest all is a distraction and waste of thought.