Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ideas @ Work !!

I am at times very experimental in nature and at times I am very conservative. It reflects from my moods into kinds of things which I do and the kinds of hobbies I pursue. currently I have 3 big ideas in my mind and I am trying to execute these ideas and reach the desired goal. A lot of times I get various ideas, sometimes they are so strong that I just become impulsive and jump and my guns but then after some times I lose the fizz. My challenge is that I don’t let my enthusiasm just die like that and I take it till the execution level.

One thing is very clear to me; you can implement any idea into its final goal only and only when you have a firm and rock solid belief in your idea and If you have this belief that no force can deter or demotivate you. I am now not going to just jump at my gun but I will first evaluate if I believe in them strongly or not. Once I take them ahead then there is not going to be any looking back.

Idea 1: organize a drama by the junior batch based on any classic English play like Shakespeare in next month. Take a professional help, manage people and their resistance, enthuse people and handle all sorts of issues but organize a great event, invite all the people from the college and show the drama in front of everyone. My success and sense of achievement will be determined when I will see this whole show happening in front of me and getting praises by eveybody.this will be an ultimate test of a manager and leader and I am hell belt in making this come true.

Idea 2: organize a workshop for SAP for the students of operations management in october.this was the idea which I was cultivating since long and after returning from my enriching experience from internship. I was very sure that if I want something, then it will not come to me just like that but I have to reach out and grab it. I am happy to see that it is coming quite true. Today I have had a meeting with our CEO and he was quite convinced with my idea. A lesson I have learned from this exercise that I can be a good marketeer as well. The only way you can sell your idea is if you are very sure about it and you have necessary data to back it up.

Idea 3:Though this one was the most earliest idea advancing in my I always wanted to write a research paper but I was not clear which should be a suitable topic. Now after tinkering with few topics I have found my topic and without keeping any unrealistic deadlines imposed on me, I want to work on this project daily as a discipline. I wish my paper sees the light of the day someday.

This will be on my agenda for very near future and I wish myself luck and hope that my motivation, my will power stays intact and my belief grows more and more with days passing by.

Leaving this blog with a quote which I made myself yesterday, "the sign of excellence in a person is not when he competes with others, but when he competes with himself, not for a week, not for a month but day in day out and makes it a way of his life."

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