Sunday, February 13, 2011

Egypt Flirting with Democracy

When I was a child reading history books I used to wonder about so many important events like inventions, discoveries and revolutions. Back then I used to think that when these things would have taken place people who were living in that era must have been so lucky to witness it. Never did I believe that someday I would also be a witness to a very important event which will go down the annals of history.

I am talking about the liberation of Egypt from the shackles of autocracy and achievement of democracy. The world over people are overjoyed by seeing this magnificent spectacle. This result is not an outcome of mass protest for 18days at Tahrir Square but it was breeding and gestating from last 30years since the Iranian revolution of 1979.The Black Friday of Iran was the demonstration of the power people have collectively shown.It is such tremendous force together that led to the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak regime which was reigning since last 30years and leading Egypt towards high stagflation and corruption.

The event will create a domino effect and food for thought to other Middle East countries that are being inflicted from the tyranny of other autocrats.Israel is feeling very insecure and isolated.US will try its best to buy a good image in Middle East by trying to help Egyptians pressure Mubarak to descend. But the situation is still very tense and needs to be seen that the country finds a very smooth transition to democracy.People get representative public ofices, free and fair elections and economic growth. Pulitzer Prize winner Tom Freidman rightly said that it could end up like a failed democracy like Pakistan or the other situation could be it could end up as an unstable democracy like South Africa...This could be possible.But the real onus lies on Egyptian army. The army has very high degree of trust and support of common people. Infact army in Egypt is highly involved in community development. The army should see to it that Egypt gets precisely what it has desired, it gets for what there were several martyrs...

Long live Democracy...AMEN!!

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