Wednesday, May 6, 2009

jogging at nda

it has been almost 18months since i had run on the ground.i am an enthusiast runner,and i love jogging at NDA hills which is my favorite place.i remember those days when i used to go there every evening religiously to jog,be it sun down time or dark.i just loved going there and is such a lovely place that i cant tell you.the road is a long and winding one which leads to national defense academy ,which is built on the hills away from the hustle bustle of the side of the road is walled by the beautiful hills covered with greenery and other side of the road is a deep ravine.the place offers a spectacular view of the entire city.i actually run and get lost in the wild,it is so mesmerizing that i just forget that i am running.

but last year i met with an accident and my knee ligament had to be reconstructed.i could hardly walk and that too with the help of doc advised me that i should go easy on these activities for about a year.since then i was so much desperate to go to nda and start running.running gives me a kind of high,i like getting exasperated ,sweating like anything because when i come home and take shower i feel so much relaxed.
so finally today i dared to go there again after such long time,i really enjoyed it.the place has also changed a lot.earlier that place used to be a dating place for couples and it kept me out of boredom while jogging,but today i saw the place almost empty.and the hills have also been encroached by private developers,i wonder the beauty wont be lost some day by these buildings.
all i wish is i keep myself motivated and charged up.

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