Tuesday, May 26, 2009

chilling for this eve

so finally the d day arrived today.i had been waiting for exams to start from quite a long time.had been putting the days and night as one just to leave a mark on the exams this time.
today i have given my first exam.electronic measurement systems.
the name may look scary but the subject is actually just the repetition of what we all have been studying since 2nd year.
very much theoretical subject.i chipped in 3and 1/2 days for the final preparation and gave this paper today.paper was bit easy and very much predictable.mostly repeated questions and very much lengthy.but i still managed to complete it on time.phew!!
next paper is telecommunication network and management.it is again similar to computer networks which we did last sem.easy,theoretical and very subjective.you just have to boast about all networks an bull shit.
but i will not leave any room for losing marks.
i have to go to meet my friend from Delhi ,he just called me some time back and i don't want to disappoint him since that i know that today i can afford chilling but now tomo.
and today is the birthday of a good friend of mine.so ill have to make sure that i get a cake and have him cut it.he deserves cutting a cake at least ,so what we have exams.
may be ill try to call him to mg road or somewhere from where i can get a small cake and have a small celebration..
see ya!!

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