Saturday, June 13, 2009

at last i am back home after going through the ordeal of last semester of engg exams..god what a respite..i am very so much at peace that i have finished my was when that i was in train and i was coming back home that i thought that this was the same train,the same route ,the same month 6yrs ago that i was going to pune to start my engg and now with everything same i am coming back home closing in with a degree.
and here i am at home with absolutely nothing to do..i am just loving it.
i came here yesterday,and i must say that the weather out here is very hot.i have hardly gone out due to such i find just no reasons to go out as i don't have any friends here.
i am gorging on home made food,bought few good books to read ,i mean this is the perfect way for me to chill at home.
i have good books to read,family to kid around,eat great food,surf net with a good speed(my PC at hostel sucked big time).
well i have heard that my joining date for MBA is going to be around 15th July.that ,means almost a month ,so how have i planned to use this month.honestly i haven't given much thought on it.though i am thinking how should i make it more productive and one thing which comes to my mind most is i should read a lot of books which i had missed,i have found a new love for reading autobiographies,and whenever i have time i just read.i am kind of racing against time to finish as many books as i can.
i thought of working on my arithmetic skills too,i tries solving some probability probs today morning but couldn't last long.
so am still guessing what should be the ideal way to spend my time,or how do achievers spend their holidays?am i doing a bad job by reading quality books and surfing net,bogging,researching on OPS.

today was my cousin's bday.we had bought a nice cake for her,clicked good pictures.i loved being so much with my extended family.

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