Sunday, June 14, 2009

why OPS

so today is my second day at home and i am already feeling as if i am just wasting my time.i am constantly feeling that i must utilize my time in something really constructive ,something which will add more bullet points to my resume.i have already missed so much during my college years that i have to work hard a lot.
as i told you that i am looking for some insight on supply chain management,which is the closest i can relate my MBA with my engg.
today,for most part of my day i had been pondering over the specialization thing.people have been advising me that i have lots of time left during my 1st year of MBA to choose my specialization.and their suggestion is based on the premise that i can know my strengths ,weakness and natural bent of mind once i know more about the subject.
somewhere deep withing me i am of different view though i agree what they say.
my point is that i should rather choose a spec now after doing some research and ground work so focus more on that spec right from the start instead of waiting for one full year and living under a thick cloud of confusion.the reason i am differing from them is because my college is offering finance,ops,hr,it and marketing.i have eliminated marketing because of the prejudice that it is more of outside work and it will involve a lot of traveling and is more people centric job ,which would also involve door to door job.though i know that marketing is not just constrained to just door to door,its including lots of other challenging prospects but i still want to keep some distance from marketing.and we have marketing as a compulsory course in 2nd year.
i don't want hr because it is more of soft skills job and i have not seen many instances of engineers joining HR as their spec.
finance i wont choose because i have met several people and they have told me that the core finance job is very hard to get and its mostly reserved for iim grads ,another reason is that it requires superb analytical skill i honestly i lack.though i am not afraid of taking it as a challenge.
so operations is left as a spec which is very much technical,engineers are preferred,i would be working with MBA who are engineers like me so i can relate with them,its is not a niche field and ops people are employable by all kinds of industries ,its not too much outdoor as compared to marketing,by doing certi you can move up a ladder quite faster.
and i believe in the ideology that there is nothing called boring,you need to work upon it to build your interest and when you know that taking a particular spec is the correct decision then if you give it enough time you can develop good liking towards it,as liking is developed when understanding is followed.
for understanding you need to put hard work which i am ready to always.
so the question is when i have already decided where i am going to,why not work on it and focus all my energy onto it,in that way i will be in a better place as compared to my batch mates during exams and placements,and if i complete my certi within 2yrs i can have an edge during placements.
so with this i have made up my mind that ops is the way to go,no confusion here on.

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