Tuesday, June 16, 2009

what i did today!

couldn't knew how life will take such fast turns..i had been dreaming to go for vipassana from such a long time,i had already mentioned in my previous blogs.it seems as if i might finally get a chance of joining the course.
it so happened that yesterday i was surfing an MBA college's site and found that the students are made to compulsorily undergo the course ,so it renewed my hidden hunger to enroll for the course.i promptly checked vipassana site and found that a course is starting from 18-29th.its the only time which suits me as on 29th i have to leave for my sis's wedding.
i am wait listed,hoping they give me a chance to attend it.i am very much exited to join it especially after talking to a gentleman on the phone for confirmation.on the down side i will miss my mom's bday which is coming soon.still thinking how should i make her happy even in my absence.i have one day to act on it.

its been 2 days that i have been going for jog at sigra stadium.i am happy that my legs are not aching and i am feeling quite comfortable running on ground.i was little concerned thinking i will be able to run or not because some week back my leg was aching and i had to see my doctor.though he advised me to not exert any further physical pressure on legs but i think i have a good feeling and understanding as to what i should do with my legs.
i am running and feeling absolutely okay..wish nothing bad happens..feeling a sense of well being and not guilty eating all those rich ghar ka khana.

wrote a good article on business standard in the students corner about the issue of quality of so many IITs opening up.
i think my answer is not that bad and should be considered by judges since from few weeks i am observing that most of the replies are coming from average b-schools,may be because IIM guys are too busy with their internships.so judges will not have a reason to be partial..wish i get my answer for print.it will bring my college into limelight and give it more recognition.

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