Thursday, April 30, 2009

the beginning of the BEGINNING

what do i say now,after months of anticipation finally i know that i am heading somewhere after my engg.i will be an engineer in this June(which i had been waiting for so long).and i am about to start a new journey into the world of management.
i have got admission in an MBA college.i am very much excited.the name of the college is Indian business academy ,it is in greater noida.
after so much of anxiety where i had nothing in my hand after rejections from so many colleges ,IBA turned out to be a light at the end of the tunnel.
though this college is not even comparable to those revered IIMs but i am happy because i got what i deserved.had i worked more harder or had i been more smarter i know i could have had better options in my hand but there were still bleak chances considering my below par academics..

anyway,people make mistakes and i am no different,but the good thing is i have learnt from my mistakes and IBA has come to me as yet another opportunity to prove myself(though this shall be last) and i will leave no stone unturned to prove myself.
i was waiting for this thing to happen with me,i have heard people saying that its worthless doing MBA from a non-reputed coll,but let me tell you iba is not a bad option after considering i had no has a sprawling campus,well equipped labs with all facilities,low fee,decent placements with all big names visiting them.
i am not saying that coll does not matter,it does but to a very large extent it depends on MBA has so much things to offer in terms of learning experience ,it depends how much you absorb it.
you may call it an 'average guy's philosophy but i believe that i can make it to the most.not everybody is from the top 20s and more or less it is up to us how much we can gain and utilize the resource.
my engg course is ending on 1st week of June and the MBA is starting from 1st i have 20 days to relax.i have several plans for utilizing my 20 days in the best way i can,but lets see how things materializes.i have planned to go for 10 day Vipassana course as i feel that this is the best time i can do it,because later i know that time will be luxury for me.i want to spend some time with my family before i join iba.
though i am not much regular with posting blogs but i hope that i will be blogging regular once i joing iba,and hope my writing skills too improve.
really looking forward to start a new page of my life.all the best to me!!!

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