Sunday, April 12, 2009

desparate for joining mba

today is Sunday evening and i am getting pretty bored after my erratic schedule from last two days which allowed me to wake up at 3 in the morning at Sunday.but to some point i don't regret this because i had finished 2 chapters of optic fiber which i had already studied back.
anyway,i just came back home and thought of reading blogs of mba guys.i googled and found some cool blogs by people from HBS,columbia,stanford etc..those blogs moved me so much that i cant tell.these people are so filled with eenrgy,positivity and they are so much keen in knowing about everything around that thats what sepaterted them from the rest of the breed..i always want to know what do they think,what makes them so different..
reading abt those people have made me so restless that i wish now i can join mba as soon as possible,and i could also write about my experiences there.though i know that consideing my background,i will not be able to get a good college but i believe in the philosophy that nobody is born with the best choices with them but they are smart enough to steer the best choices towards them by the course of their ideologies and actions.a course offers you enough oppertunities and experiences and the onus lies on us to gain the maximum from that.i am also pledging that i am going to make the best out of the coming two years ,i know i lack confidence ,but i will change myself very much and i will go to the college with the open mind,not thinking that the average age of class is lesser than me or any other prejudices.
cant wait to start a fresh course of my career..
but now is the time to feast on chicken which i am sure ANNA must have made..i will try to best regular on blogging from hence!!

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