Tuesday, April 14, 2009

iipm interview 11

so finally i gave the gdpi for iipm.but by far this was my worst experience,not in terms of my performance but the way the whole process was handled.i saw the highest state of mismanagement in iipm today but what is their fault,you can expect the same level of professionalism from these people who are so dumb and the people who get admitted here because they don't get admission anywhere.

i had some good prejudices about this college and i had never thought that i will meet such dumb and idiot interviewees in my life.

we were called at 12.15pm to be precise.and in the call letter it was explicitly mentioned that we have to wear formals(never thought people need to be reminded),though i know that that has been added due to their past experiences. anyway we waited till 1 with nobody to brief us about the whole process.finally a guy in his early 20's came and told us that we have to assemble in another room and give an aptitude test.test was easy with a compulsory essay.

after giving the test we were made to sit in a conference room where we waited for another 1.5hrs ,again with nobody to ask why we are being made to wait for so long..finally we got hold of a guy and he somehow managed to take some time off from his 'busy' work and took our GD.Gd was good from my side,i gave some worthwhile inputs and steered the conversation effectively.
then again we waited for say 2 hrs,to go for a 2Min's interview where the panel was interested in nothing i know.
overall it changed my outlook towards iipm and made my decision stronger than i will join iipm in my worst case and that too with delhi(heard its better than others).but world looks so different when you think that you might have to study with these people who are disillusioned,complacent,pessimistic,short sighted and lack a just attitude..i fear i wont change for bad..I'd rather work somewhere,gain experience,prepare again for next year and get a slight better coll than to join IIPM.trust me guys,iipm will give you only an mba degree and i doubt it will help you as a person.

god give me some good option,at this juncture i am quite worried about my future,my biggest concern is the kind of colleagues i will get.

but i trust myself and i know that no matter what options i have i will take the best out of it.i have lived some wonderful part of my life with leisure,so now is time for some struggling times..just pick only whats good,throw away the seeds..that's how people move up.


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