Monday, April 13, 2009

IIPM interview!!

i have observed that my mind is most creative at night around one.most often i get some plans like watching movies,writing a blog,goggling out for some info like operation bluestar,so what do other people generally do at this juncture.i know that there are hardly very few people who sleep in engg so early..
anyway,today at 12 noon i have to go for IIPM interview.frankly saying,i am least bothered about the interview,to me giving interview for IIPM is nothing more than going for a call centre interview,of which i have forgotten count by now how many times i have given it.why is this so,am i not serious or i have already got offers in my pocket!
none of these actually ,i have a feeling that considering so many seats being on offer from iipm,they will take just about anybody and these interviews are just a formality..if you have money to pay the fees ,you will get admission.
but that is different that i honestly like giving interviews and group discussions..they let me speak my mind,which i crave as i am a impulsive debater..i can debate for any good topic.
but hey,does anybody know what is emotional quotient test,never heard of this test ever during my prep days.
i dont even have any formal dress so i think i will have to wear my college uniform only.there is only one thing running in my mind that by all probability they should give me a seat,preferably in delhi.
i know the brand which iiipm has build has itself acted negativily and seriously joining iipm is the last thing in my mind,but considering the fact that till now i have no options so i need to make sure that atleast i must clear this college.
i will give update about my gd tomorrow ,till then lets watch 'The Reader'..heard its good.ciao!!

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