Wednesday, February 11, 2009

AIDS-curse on children

Have we ever tried to understand the gravity of AIDS disease prevailing in our country? I think most of us who are educated and socially aware do not have even a slightest idea how grave is the situation of AIDS is in our country.
I find it so mean that we have framed the boundaries of our world so small that we do not even know that there are thousands of children in the world who are deprived of that innocent smile just because they/their parents are affected by AIDS.
How can we sit just idle and continue to live when we know that we can do enough to help these little kids to get what they deserve.
There are infinite stories of kids who are forced to work rigorously for 12hours a day because either their parents are infected with aids and hence they are not allowed to work in this ‘ society’ or either they are dead because they did not have efficient means to fight the disease..
The kids who are as small as 6yr old, are tortured, physically and sexually abused, forced to work overtime, deprived of even one time food and they still endure it all along because they have tremendous responsibility, they have no choice and they do not have anybody to look after. They are all alone in this cruel world. Eventually these kids live under extreme pressure which leads to mental illness, physiological stress and results in their becoming alienated from society. They are forced to prostitution, criminal activities or even to the point of committing suicide.
Have we ever wondered about all that? Did we ever try to just stop and think that there are kids who long for a moment when they can also smile like other kids, who can also play, study and live like us.
What is their mistake if they are born to such household? Is not our responsibility to help them live a deserving life? We have a power to bring a change, if we have the will.
Cant we save a small money from our luxuries and our comforts and just help them to relive them from their strenuous lifestyles and let them study, let them enjoy their rights. Just imagine a small 8 yr old girl begging money on the traffic signal, what do we think when we see such them. We all feel sorry, curse politicians, curse our country, reluctantly give them few coins and just move on. We have become so indifferent that we think that our responsibility ends by just giving them few coins.

Now that is the difference in our thinking. Our thinking is shared by the majority of people and shows the prevalent attitude of the masses and so we all feel sorry, find somebody a scapegoat but don’t think what we can do from ourselves to help those kids.

By the way, I was just going through some articles which I read from net, I found some very shocking stories.NACO has recently surveyed and found that there are approximately 70,000 children under 12 who are affected with AIDS. These kids are alienated from society because of the stigma attached. Many direct interviews with the kids who are affected with AIDS by mother to child blood transfusion have told so harrowing tales that it made me shudder with the imagination of their sordid lives. All these stories make me think only one thing. What is it that we are doing to help them? How can we help them? Or we will feel disgruntled India has been shown naked in slum dog millionaire.

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