Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Values-The Guiding Principle of Life

today I've learnt few valuable lessons:
1.Never make fun of anyone without being sure that you could go to the point of offending someone because when you make fun of others ,you are inviting others to make fun of you.and it may offend you as well.

2.A very important incident happened yesterday which made me realize for the first time unshakingly the importance of values.i realize they are so so much important in guiding a person's in his life.values are something which shapes his personality,creates impression upon others,develops a character and helps the person overcome the challenges in times of crisis.
i was a reading an article in newspaper in which i read being said by a business leader that 'values are something which defines what you do when nobody is watching you'.that is the real test of how much values you have.

I now understand that if a person has values and is resolute in trying times too then he will be a person of character,a personality to be admired.i make avow today that i will try my level best at all times to be a person to uphold highest moral principles no matter what i will abide by them.

3. Don't ever lie ,admit it as soon as possible ,no matter how hard it is because it may be tough for you to do it initially but once you develop a habit of it then you will be trusted by many.

I have no second opinions today that a person's identity,his character and ultimately his success is defined by how he acts and thinks in situations.

4.Be in the system.it is hard i know but if you want to be successful then learn to be in the system and learn to accept the culture as early as possible. because a culture is a powerful force so instead of playing role of maverick be the one who lives life by discipline..you'll succeed..try it once..and see the results!!

I would end this post by a quote which i read in an advertisement of Mercedes Benz "leadership is not a choice,but it's a responsibility".so if you too want to be a leader,then you may have to live a life which may be harder and tougher than others,but i assure you it's rewards will be very fulfilling!!

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