Sunday, January 31, 2010

Connecting my Dots

There is one person in the corporate world whom i admire a lot.his name is Steve Jobs,the co-founder of Apple.i look upon him with a great reverence for his long term vision,his belief in himself inspite of so many odds,his dedication and integrity towards his job and the undying urge to always bring the best quality possible.he is my role model and i had recently read his speech in the farewell ceremony of Standford University,MBA.

Of all the great things which he delivered upon ,one thing which hit me was 'connecting the dots'.i may do in justice by wrongly quoting him that he said life is all about connecting your can move ahead in your life not by connecting dots into future but by connecting the dots from the past.

This bright sunny afternoon,sitting alone in my room i am trying to ponder over this word and pushing my self to relate to it.i found few diferences with my 'dots' and i would like to move forward in my life by connecting the dots into future.

I had been listening and reading all the time from everywhere that for a person to succced one must have a long term vision.i have also tried to do a justice to myself by charting a medium long term albeit with innumerable fallacies.i want to become a Business Process Consultant and that too by the age of how do i connect my dots?

I am currently standing at the starting line of the race and i know the finishing line.what is the shortest and surest way to reach there.i would like to start my career by doing a Summer Internship in Operations stream most preferably in a Manufacturing industry where i can learn the nuances of how the business processes work,how material flows,how they are scheduled and lot more.based on this training i want to bag my final placement in a relevant organization who should be a reputed one and one offers me a good learning opportunity.

My CPIM prep will go hand in hand and i am hoping that after having completed my CPIM certificate i may get a better work profile in a better company.i will work there for few years and learn different technologies like ERP,Project Management and Supply Chain.since SCM is my area of interest i am highly likely to pursue CSCP which will act as an ultimate driver in taking to my finishing line.

But as they say 'Man proposes,God disposes'.happens with me all the time.but i am content that atleast i am sure where do i want to go and what it takes to get there.

So thought for the day:keep yourself focussed and know that what you belive is what is truth!!

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