Sunday, January 10, 2010

SUNDAY -A Learning Day

Today i woke up at 7.30 am in the chilly winter in spite of being Sunday. I hate getting up early on sundays.But we had to because we had an upgrade course of Art of Living and we were supposed to be there. Those who would be there they will be awarded the certificates for successful completion of the course. Now without going into many intricacies, I want to cite an experience.

we were given a group assignment where each group members were given only 30RS each and they had to go to the market and convert it into 300 within 3 hrs.That was no way an easy job considering the fact that we had not even a faintest idea as to what are we going to do. But we used the idea that we would make flags and selling in the market. We tried it and we finally got a net profit of 535 at the cost of 80bucks.that was a great achievement i would say. It taught us a great many lessons as to how to approach customers, how should we start conversation. That was a very necessary experience very vital for any MBA student. This exercise teaches to keep aside your ego and become street smart.

The whole day was very engaging right from morning till 9pm which consisted of our skits, dances performances, rock satsang etc.i loved the day but i miss my sleep too. One thing which is satisfying to know is that people liked my dance and the movie which i made about AOL since i have toiled for nights to make that happen.

Its 2AM and i am going to do some marketing pre reading.


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