Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Amaethon 2010-Day 0

i have came back from IIM-A today itelf after a week of very expereintial journey.3days in the country's most prestigious management instituiton was ablessing in disguise and i feel a much better person than i was before going there in terms of knowledge,the exposure ,the experience and the Managemnt world at large.

at this juncture i am feeling very tempted to blog about the events as vividly as i can so i would break this blog into 3parts dedicating each day to each blog.
this part of the my blog is the first day when i reached in ahmedabad and i wrote it the first night.read below::

I have reached Ahmedabad today and the journey started with the most adventurous note. We almost missed our train and it was by sheer chance that we caught the train when the train was scheduled to depart. I learned a very important lesson albeit a hard way that there is difference between DELHI and NEW DELHI. But the journey was amazing so far. Since we will be given acco in campus only on the day of the vent so we are putting up in the hotel till today.

Pretty hectic day we had today .we travelled all the way to Gandhinagar to visit Akhshardham and came back to visit Iscon temple in the burning sun. We all had packed loads of woolen clothes anticipating the winter which is prevailing in delhi.roamed the entire Ahmedabad in evening from SG road, CG road but the best and most memorable day today was the visit to NID to see my dear sis.

My blog is especially intended to write about my experience in NID for an hour. I must say that I had never seen such a cool campus like this ever in my life. The campus life is just so different and so lively that you would not believe it at first sight. As I was taking the walk inside the campus i was like… what!!!

You would see the students smoking inside the campus with long deadlocks, curly hairs with very funky dressing sense. Wherever you will go you will see everybody busy with their work, somebody is making some very weirdo piece of art which will probably make likes of Salvatore Dali envy. And I am not kidding. You would have to see that designs to believe it.I must give my hats off to these guys for their creativity.i mean how crazy could you think that.

And about the campus life,it was just buzzing with the electric vibes emanating in the students.some one is deeply engrossed in sketching some digital degisns in the Apple MAC in information centre ,some one is working on some textile thing in the 24hrs open workshop while someone is stairing at the broken arch of the tree trying to get some idea.i was floored by the beautiful library.i’d never seen library like this.it was totally transparent with glass walls surrounding it from all sides overlooking their beautiful garden.

From what i sensed in that one hour I realized one thing which I would say without second doubts is that NID MEANS LIBERTY and I mean it.you can think of all kinds of things and they would happen out there.
After all ,how many of us would believe that you can find it very normal for students and faculty sitting under the tree and sharing joints of pot ,a faculty marrying a student 8years younger to her.there was a good mixture of international students as well due to their ongoing international exchange programme.in terms of achievemnets and accolades,the insitute had garnered every right for it's reverence.students of NID have desgined logos of Doordarshan,Tata Chemicals,IIM-B,ONGC n the likes while some students have got the rare opportunity to showcase their designs in Annual Fashion India Week and some have gone to intern in Europe's best design institutes.i can go on an on talking about their achievements but my subconsious is repriminding me of the space this platform deserves.

while i was returning from the campus i was having a mixed feeling of satisfaction,remorse,motivation,energy and vibrance..looking forward for great next day!!

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