Wednesday, December 9, 2009

NTPC Quiz-A Disaster!

I am feeling dejected, stripped down and made to look into the mirror. And I see myself nude, totally nude with bare feet on the ground embarrassed to see myselfself. This is the exact feeling which I am experiencing right now. Today I had gone for a quiz conducted by NTPC in its B school called Power Management Institute. There were 52 colleges who participated in the event having big shots like IMT, FMS, NSBIT, and LBSIM etc.
I had very great learning experience there, some good ones and some bad ones but one thing is certain that this experience has opened my eyes and made me realize today that where I am, who I am and where do I have to go. The exposure and the self check exercise were necessary and this event showed me my true picture undoubtedly.

The hard part: we couldn’t qualify the eliminations and we just sat amongst the audience to see the big guys take over the scene. The questions were challenging and very thoughtful .I realized the importance of reading newspapers and came to believe that there are enough reasons to always keep your eyes open and keep a check on what’s happening in the suroundings.the questions were bit tricky and they needed bit of hard thinking and analytical reasoning.
I remember a question which I would like to share with you.

Q: what web page does internet takes you when you type of us would stop thinking that since we haven’t ever tried opening that page so it’s out of question but wait a minute how many of us have ever tried to give a thought that what could be that site, or for that matter what page could ESCALATOR take you to..Easy if I give you clue but hard to reach to that clue. How abt some escalator company like OTIS???
You can give a shot, guy from IMT pressed buzzer and guess what, he said OTIS and bagged cool 10points.

So one thing I learnt that always use your mind which is free to use.You won’t lose anything after all, isint it.
Anyway it was nice experience because this was my first experience of a quiz at such level, nicely organized, good quiz master, extremely well thought out questions and splendid performance by the laudable participants. I was relieved from attending today's classes and had free breakfast and chicken curry in lunch. A nice respite from canteen food is always welcome.

Bad part: felt bad that I couldn’t even clear the qualifying round. Felt very bad when I was coming back from there. I was thinking all the time what will I say to my freinds, they must be expecting some good news. Can’t I win a quiz? I have to work hard, read newspapers and increase my retention power. That means I have to remember the things which I read like which product was released in market yesterday, who created the zoo zoo ad, which firm he belonged to and stuff like that.

All in all it gave me a good exposure and made me motivated to take part in quizzes and inter college events as much as possible. The real learning lies in these things. Looking forward for a better performance in Jagruti 09' on 19th and another event in Delhi Business School on 17th, 18th.

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