Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Love-Hate Relationship with MBA

I think I can never get over from my love-hate relationship with my college.when I joined MBA I thought that this sine wave in my mind is just temporary effect and is only because I am in a new environment but I now I believe it's not unique but its' a very natural emotion.
I love my college here for numerous reasons:
1. I get plenty of time to do what I like.
2. I get a lot of time to read books. (Sometimes I overdo it by reading 3newspapers a day!!).
3. My mindset that this MBA is an opportunity for me to undo what all mistakes I have don’t in my past and I can mould myself in a new shape in these 2 years..I think I am right here to some extent.
4. The course is very interesting.
5. The lectures are very few which means more time for self study

I hate my college for:
1. Because the atmosphere is not challenging and competitive.
2. People are more complacent and try to not think.
3. I think I don’t deserve this.
4. Sometimmes teachers disappoint me.
5. The food is terrible.
Nevertheless, we all have our own reasons to love and hate things no matter where we are because nothing is perfect and wherever you are you know for sure that there is a huge room for improvement.
During my SIP I had interacted a no of students from different colleges and I was surprised that even they had their own reasons for dislikes with their colleges even through their were graduating from top colleges of country. But that does not mean that we must become complacent in fact we must try more harder to life our standards continuously.

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