Saturday, August 14, 2010

APICS,2010-12 Batch,Ragging & More

I am preparing for my 4th module of APICS certification exam whose exam is due in next 3weeks.I am thankful to this semester's course designer for giving me so much time and space to do my preparation. This semester schedule is ideal for me and this was exactly what I wanted. Too much time to study peacefuly.The exam is crucial for me because this is supposed to be the toughest module and I have to crack this one by any means. If it demands me to study for late in midnight, I am prepared to do that at any cost.If there is any one thing which i think about,if there is any one thing i dream about...for next 20days my mind is totally occupied by APICS.I dont see anything else in front of me.

On a different front, our juniors are going to arrive in campus in next 2 days. It is very obvious with the students to be excited to see new faces, meet new people and witness the biggest fun element 'ragging’. The students always want to feel the importance of being senior; always forthcoming in giving free gyan and making them do petty work. Funnily some of the students from my batch who are most likely to take ragging from students have been made members of anti ragging squad. Only god knows what will happen with juniors in hostels when the thieves are themselves asked to protect the bank. The excitement amongst the students over the prospect of finding boys hostels a more interesting and lively place very soon is quite palpable. As for me, I have only one hope from my batch mates that they don’t follow the footsteps of our seniors and demand the juniors to call us Sir/Ma'am or wish us Good Morning/good afternoon. If this really happens then I would be dismayed and would have to just attribute to our batchmates myopic vision and inability to see its effects on the attitudes of juniors.

I believe that a senior demanding a junior to call him sir/ma'am or wish him is unfair. After all if you really think that you should be respected then let them respect you because of your deeds, your achievements and your actions. It should not be forced but should be voluntary and forcing them to do this would be a very narrow minded approach and would smack of hypocracy.Moreover, when you are in a professional world or in a corporate ,you are always referred by your first name so why allow them to develop this habit which is illogical and irrational at its outset.

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