Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Distraction is omnipresent

After coming back to the campus i am observing some drastic changes in myself in terms of my behaviour, attitude, outlook and my perspective.
when i came here for the first time i was very much focused about my studies, I used to be a voracious reader ,I was more active and i used to be sincere in doing assignments. On the down side, back then i feel i was less social, more reserved, submissive and unargumentive but after doing my summers i see myself less active, more social, more relaxed (with a hint of complacency) but a new hunger for gaining knowledge and higher ability to concentrate and focus on things in my priority.

life here could be distracting sometimes. with so many things to do in a single day and many of those tasks could be non academic, this is distracting, you could be linked up with various people in campus too and this is distracting, with added responsibilities your administrative tasks gets more and more and this again is a distraction. Getting too much involved in all this is very easy and tempting and its more hard to make yourself be a part of it and yet not be in it..What helps you be easy is you always say this to yourself "this is necessary but it's a DISTRACTION”. The moment you say this to yourself your mind realizes what are the things in which you should be involved in and what not...

Hard work to me is not a phase of time, it’s not a temporary period through which i am going through but it's a way of life, it’s a continuous process where you’re challenging yourself, raising your standards, gaining more experience and wisdom and making life richer and meaningful.

When i roam in my hostel and i see people simply whiling away their time i feel very sad. It makes me ask myself why don’t they do what they should do? Are they not concerned? What is this pass time which is so powerful distraction that stops them from being more meaningful..

May be it’s an odd thought because a general phenomenon is a when a person expects too much from himself he sees a self fulfilling prophecy and expects others to thing the same..i forget the world is not same...

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