Friday, August 13, 2010

Professors & their Ways of Teaching

If somebody thinks or believes that giving lectures is a job or a task then I would have to say that it’s a very myopic thought, it’s much more than's an OBSESSION, it’s a HIGH, and it’s a pure satisfaction of deliverance with exactitude. Often times sitting in one of those endless series of never ending lectures I used to sometimes wonder what drives them so much that makes them deliver a lecture for 2hrs with same level of enthusiasm, energy and concentration. I never realized it only after myself putting in the shoes of a lecturer. I found the very simple joy of sharing with the audience what I know best. I did that in that spirit because I was awaiting that tacit recognition by my audience though my possession of that knowledge, I can vouch for what I am saying because today I myself gave one of my lengthiest presentation of 1hr.

We have two great professors in our college. They are the gurus in their respective domains which is Strategy and Brand Management. Both have very impeccable and distinguished profiles as one is an IIT, IIM alumnus and has consulted to numerous companies in his career span while the other is FMS Alum and has worked with McKinsey Consultancy and is widely travelled. Both of them are excellent orators, highly erudite and deep thinkers. But there is huge difference in their teaching style no wonder when they come to the class the audience are spellbound and totally immersed. I want to briefly elucidate the difference between them.

The person who teaches Brand Mgmt is a very smart guy. He is very versatile, dynamic and the best part is he knows what his audience wants from him and what he needs to give to them. And trust me he does exactly that.intially when I used to come to his class I was instantly hooked and used to regard him as a revered figure. Over the times after listening him more and more I became convinced that he is a very shrewd and smart teacher.he knows exactly where to hit and what kind of game to play so people would just love him. He would talk like an iconoclast, a rebel and a person who is just amongst them. He would say what we all like to hear. He never has any definite agenda in his mind when he come to the class, sort of the personality which those creative agency guys know the NO-PLAN-IS-THE-BEST- PLAN type of people. But what I’ve tried to decipher is that he constantly tries to hammer our conventional thinking patterns, tries to revolutionize our thoughts and idiosyncrasies radically and he would always say things which would charge up the whole class.

No doubt he is a very well read and his words emanate erudition from his mouth and they way he connects with everybody is marvellous.he is the one of few person who believes and validates the importance of EGO, ATTITUDE in the class which sometimes makes me remind of Ayn Rand. He will talk things which will make you think over it and lets you asks you those questions which were there in your mind but unfortunately hidden in the deepest recesses of your psyche. I observe him very closely in the class and I am coming to believe that to him a lecture is not a means to earn money but it gives him some kind of sadist pleasure which can only be felt. It’s the ideal platform where he can speak his mind freely unobstructively and these lecture gives him a satisfaction by knowing that he is such a great orator, that he has the capability of keep class glued, that he can practice and experiment with those speaking styles which he reads in the books. One thing I must commend him for is that he has a great taste for things. He reads good books and he watches good movies. It’s something very atypical in Bengali intellectuals which I always admire.

The professor who teaches STRATEGY is great intellectual and sharp minded man but there is something which separates him hugely from this Brand proff.he is very logical, very matter-of-fact in his approach and has clear cut agenda. I am in no way attempting to make mistake by juxtaposing him with other proff, but his style is bit peculiar. I enjoy his class equally well but I have to be much focused and determined to not get distracted because when he speaks he talks very heavy and he teaches in strictly Socratic way. Very to the point, very fundamental, very objective, very crisp and very balanced without leaving a hint of verbosity. He talks slowly while thinking simultaneously and he doesn’t care if people are interested in his talks or not. But he always tries to find out reasons in vain for smallest things as if he is some kind of behavioral this point I’ve to admit I’ve picked up his habits too and I have also started questioning each and every other thing which is simply unreasonable only in vain hope that there could be some reason behind it.

Sometimes I think why reason is such powerful force. Why reason is such a big common denominator binding everyone. Why is reason so objective in nature? Is acceptance of reason as just and fair way of life by the so called 'society' a natural phenomenon or some force is invisibly causing upon us to see things as it wants us to see. Sounding too abstract...

But I think about it......quite often......!

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