Saturday, August 14, 2010

My Years with General Motors-Alfred P.Sloan

After a long gap, today I picked up this book 'My Years with General Motors' by Alfred P.Sloan and to my amazement I am finding it more exciting than before. Last I knew I started reading this book a year back when I was just inducted in my MBA course but then I couldn’t find much interest in reading because of its dry style of explaining running the management of general motors’ in its most rudimentary way and excruciating details. I lost interest then and left it believing that I will never be able to finish it.

After a year into my MBA I have come to understand business and world of management more closely and my interest in knowing each and every nuances of handling business is growing exponentially.

On this lovely Saturday morning I woke up lazily and saw this book kept on my book shelf, I don’t know why I picked up this book and started reading it from where I left this. Now I am finding so much joy and interest in reading this book that I feel like finishing it as soon as possible. The book explains the nitty gritty of running day to day operation of GM, its business situation and plans during so different periods of economic cycle like pre WWII,post recession and how Alfred P.Sloan took the helms of the company and brought it from 1917 to 1963 with massive expansion. I appreciate his objective and very quantitative way of explanation. His quote is still fresh in my mind when at the end of chapter he shows the financial statement of GM from 1917 till next 45years he says by giving a wisdom that "United States is not only an opportunity, it is also very demanding on those whose ambition is to excel in it."

I am now able to fully comprehend the purpose of book and understand the reason why Bill Gates said that "If there is one business book you want to read in your lifetime, it’s got to be this one”.
                I cannot agree more than this truly!

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