Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Juniors & Ragging-Ideal Condundrum

A long period of silence, lull and inactivity has got broken after the arrival of junior batch in the campus. The Mall road is buzzing with people walking, the Activity Centre is justifying its purpose of activities, some vella seniors are busy ragging the innocuous juniors and CFC is coming to know again what it means by the sudden rush of demand in night.
Today we had a formal interaction session with juniors at High Tea according IBA's culture and facilitated by the college admin.We grilled the students on lots of things right from the length of their oddly knotted ties, weird hobbies, reason behind their choice of IBA (surprising answers) and asking them about their BFs/GFs.Few of them got furious, most took it in very healthy way while some made us laugh out loud. The objective was to break the ice between juniors and seniors and it served the purpose. I had a chance to interact with some juniors and I found them quite mature and confident.

Since the juniors have arrived in campus,I have seen new atmosphere in campus while some of it is predictable while some are some startling. A few juniors have personally approached me and complained that they found some seniors quite hostile and arrogant.I heard them patiently and what I found happening in the campus made me agree with them completely. This was a bold revelation. I find it quite astonishing to see the kind of behavior of seniors with the junors.

The problem which I see with us is that we don’t know how to handle our seniordom.We don’t have a set of thumb rules as to what is expected from the seniors, what should be our code of conduct, what should be right attitude and how to make this new environment more welcoming and comfortable for juniors.

The senior batch has been waiting for the arrival of juniors so anxiously that we just can’t hold our emotions and we started grilling them from day 1.It made the juniors frightened, nervous and poignant to find the level of hostility in the environment.I believe that we should 1st of all embrace our junior batch with open arms, help them relax and adjust with new culture and forgive them for their ignorance if something annoyed the senior batch. After all if we want respect from them then we must first respect them. Charity begins from home first.Some of our batchmates are ragging juniors so mindlessly without giving any thought ,being so harsh with them unreasonably that it's going to create a very bad impression upon them.

As for me, I have made this very clear to myself that i am  not going to interfere in anything happening in the campus unless otherwise I find it unacceptable from my point of view. I will not rag any juniors and stay away from any controversies and I will maintain a code of conduct for myself which will create a good impression upon everybody.
When you are a senior then the tag of senior hood which comes with it is not easy, it is harder to maintain and justify it than just use it for name sake. We must be more responsible and more balanced in our approach.

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