Friday, November 20, 2009

Life's Reality!!

I don’t to how to start this blog, so many things have been happening in my life both emotionally, academically and non academically. We had a convocation ceremony held in college few days back. Well I am not here to write a memoir of that event. Few learned personalities were present to give away the mementos. They said some wonderful things which are still lingering in my mind. I was dead busy with so many activities there, sitting at the last row, couldn’t even see who that gentlemen was but amidst so much chaos I just heard few things and trust me I will never forget that.

“Now that you have stepped up in the corporate world, as you move up the ladder you will meet lots of challenges, but remember that you build your character and never and never compromise on that. Because you may fail once or twice but if you have a strong character you will be recognized for that and you will be valued. So always have a character of repute, be a man of commitment and always be honest to yourself.”

Those words touched me and I have locked them in my heart. I don’t know what happened there after that, whom I met with, what I ate and what I did. But when I see those things in retrospect I just remember those powerful words.

When I see myself who I am now, where I was few years back and where I am moving, I know that I may be little late in life but I will reach there, not today ,not tomorrow but one day no matter what it takes. Life is taking its turns and at the same time it’s giving me valuable lessons.

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