Friday, November 20, 2009

Love-Hate Analysis!!

There are things which are like in this college and things which I hate.

•I don’t get enough time to read. I haven’t done some serious reading from a long time. Wondering how people in B schools find time to read.

•I like the speed of the course. As I am writing this blog, I am just 1 paper away from my 1st term to end. Life is flying; I am riding on it and just enjoying the whole journey. Speed is something which keeps me going.

•I like my library because of its richness but hate its rules. Why can’t I borrow books after 5.30? Why can’t I borrow reference books? Why don’t we have reading room to study peacefully?

•Like everybody does this good-bad analysis of college I will also not spare my canteen. Not that it’s customary but the fact is our canteen is really bad. The menu is same from last 3 months without any change.

1 comment:

murali said...

as our govt. does not change in terms of corruption so is da unchanged menu in our canteen(hehe....)