Thursday, November 5, 2009

Winner of the Week!!!

This week has been pretty busy and stressing for me. Though I have found enough reason to slip under my bed around 3 am and I just wonder how. The classes end at 4 pm and the pressure with the assignments have also reduced considerably. We had a great event this week called INSPIRO 09’ by the seniors of international business stream. Luckily I got a piece of Cake by bagging the first prize. The competition consisted of general awareness quiz, treasure hunt, rapid fire round and followed by wheel of fortune(I delivered extempore in the final round).

The event was a refreshing for us especially the treasure hunt. It was simply maddening with students running helter skelter all over the campus in night searching for the clues. The sight was worth watching. For the first time in my life I realized the importance of, appreciated the invention of Wi-Fi and my irresistibleness. I cleared all the rounds easily except the treasure hunt and that too because of a goof up in the question but finally ended up with the 1st runner up. Kudos to all the seniors and the volunteers from our batch, who worked for late nights, skipped their meals to make this event possible. It was a very well managed and interesting thing was there were just no glitches and no tensions about anything. I need to learn event management from these smart guys.

I would say the tasks were pretty easy and it just needed little bit of awareness to clear the round. Though I don’t want to boast about myself but I just wonder how low is the GK of my collegues.what they don’t seem to realize is that this lack of habit of newspaper reading will only come to haunt them in the future.I learnt the hard way but they need to wake up.

Today we had a qualifying round for the essay writing competition organized by Noida management academy. We all had to prepare the presentation on that and present it in front of our coll director, seniors and faculty. This time again my luck was with me and I was selected to represent my college for the competition. I am honored and very grateful to the jury for giving me such an opportunity. This will mean that I will now have to work more harder, think more logically and continue improvise on my content because the stakes are high as there will be students of lots of business schools who will be my competitors and most of all I have to ensure that my college comes to be the winner and I will fight till my last drop of blood to make it possible. And even if I fail to do so my competitors are going to have really tough time to win it from me.

If any of my batch mates are reading this then I want to give some feedback (though u may justify my naivety).I saw that participants were reading from the slides and were not clear with the topics. They just dint knew the subject from the deep and had a superficial knowledge. In fact that just made me to think that why do people just fail to think or why don’t people think that they should think. I see them indulging in all sorts of activities in hostel apart from what they should actually be doing. I might be harsh but I think they lack something called ‘common sense’. You need to be focused, know why you are here, and why have you spend such large amount of money. They laugh at me because I am different while I laugh at them because they’re all the same. Is that my problem? When will I see the quality, my idol??I’ll wait for that day when ill meet the person and I can tell myself that this is the person whom I want to be.

Coming back to the essay, I knew my topics very well and could have answered any damn question on it very well. This helps to boost your confidence when you know that what you know is good enough. I too faulted in my presentation because my ppt lacked the facts and data to back my claims which is very essential to make a lasting impact but I just loaded my ppt on slideshow, went to the audience and delivered it without looking at the ppt. I don’t know if that was a right thing to do or not but I have a problem and that is that I can either talk or I can read from the slides. I can’t read from my slides and talk at the same time. I simply embed the points in my mind and say as it comes and I feel very natural and comfortable that way. I believe that if you don’t remember the points and only refer to the slides now and then, then you just lose the attention of the audience and you tend to lose the quality of your presentation too.

That being said, I know that I have a long way to go and there is lots of work to be done, I am thankful to myself that I like to experience things.
One thing I can safely say that this 2 yrs of MBA will make me a good public speaker, good listener, more understanding and ability to handle my ego. Remember all that can be taught in b school but handling ego and ability to handle the pressure situations is what makes the MBA different from others.

May be now I am beginning to realize what is that MBA makes out of you and why companies are ready to pay high salaries to Mba.


murali said...

first of all congrats 4 da first prize(gurrrr......) in INSPIRO'09'.kuch jyada hi funda hogaya iss blog main....subhash sharma-2 banne ki khayal mein ho kya???

ThE LooP said...

nice one!!