Friday, November 20, 2009

Networking is Key to Success!!

One thing I have learned in my MBA is the importance of socializing. I have come to believe that networking is very crucial to your success in your career. Hard work does pay off but having good contacts improve your chance of success by a big margin. Till some time back I used to ignore it a lot but as I am beginning to get exposed to the corporate reality I am dead assured that to get the job you want you need help and you have to take help. People are there to help you only you have to just approach them.

I know some people who are smart and talented but they lost the opportunity just because they were loose in making contacts, somebody got a good job in a big MNC only because he had 'good contacts’, someone was able to do internship in a good company in a good profile only because he had right contacts.
You have to learn to connect with people, you just can’t ignore it, no matter how smart and hard working are you but to make it to 'THE PLACE’, you need an opportunity and that can only be possible if you are recommended.

Now that seniors are leaving the campus slowly and slowly to join their companies am beginning to feel the need of mentorship more than ever. I can tell you one thing for sure that it really gives you a sense of emotional support to have seniors in the campus because you know that you can always reach out to them for help.

Luckily I am in the Placement Assistance Team,will be in constant touch with reality and the edge of business communication. Having said that I also have to admit the fact that I am bit hesitant in communicating with people. You can use the word as shy, introvert or anything but the fact is I have to talk to people. Especially those from operations background. I must and must have an excellent rapport with them.

Till some time back in engineering I was under the belief that your success is only because of your knowldege, talent and skills. Hard skills were in demand there. I have to shed this belief because the conditions and scenario is completely diffrent.Mba does not teach you any specialized knowledge but it makes you mould into a socialist, thinker, stress handler and team player. You need to give considerable more weightage to soft skills now and shed inhibitions, meet people, know them, build relations and keeping all that in mind always and always build a positive character.

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