Sunday, November 1, 2009

Delhi-A TriPPy Sunday!!!

Ever since I have come to Delhi never ever my stay here was as much happening as it was today. Two reasons:
1. It was a weekend and I was terribly frustrated and needed a much needed break.
2. It was my long time friend’s b’day who coincidently happens to work in noida.
So I decided that this weekend I am not going to stay in the campus and I will go to my friend’s place, have fun and see the real Delhi. It was amazing. Lots of experiences and a nice change.

How should I go about writing about it? Okay so first things first:

Akshardham temple:
I was accompanied by my buddy and his girlfriend and nice thing was we had a car so no bike hassles. I found Akshardham temple to be huge and marvelous. It’s a temple of Swami Narayan who was an ascetic born in 17th century. The temple is made by donations from rich NRIs,gujjus and its trustees. The whole area is spread in 100acres and the intricate craftwork done on its temples is just worth watching. I was mesmerized by the whole concept of temple more as a mode of amusement than for some religious reasons. The temple is one of the most tightly secured, well administered temples I have ever visited. They had well manicured sprawling gardens and fountains.
Bad thing is I am feeling pity that I couldn’t get a chance of watching the movie which is shown in its audi.I have heard that if you go to Akshardham then watching its movie in its giant screen is a must do. But fate had other plans and little later I came to the realization that the plans were for the better for mine.

Castle 9:
yes the nouns of these two headings do appear very unanalogous and you guessed it right. After so much of bhakti and spiritual realism we needed some salvation. So upon advice of pallavi we went to this lounge called castle 9 which is in Connaught place. To just sum up how this place was, after divine blessing from Akshardham this place was a nirvana and an abode of moksha(plzz excuse me for too much spiritual jargons, just an odd combination of deity and booze concoction).

honestly it was one of the best lounges I have been in delhi.And what else could you expect when it’s your friend’s bday treat, sitting in a upscale lounge amongst beautiful Delhi women on a sunny winter noon, having your crisp, chilled foster beer, watching over the entire CP from your table window and splurging over a great sumptuous meal consisting of Lasagna,Tandoori Chicken and Lamb Rogan josh and I have every reason to believe that I felt very luxuriously treated. Not to mention the happy vibe quotient was added by pallavi (ankit’s girlfriend).she was such a sweat girl to talk with and one of the rarest intellectual and sensible person still alive on earth. We all had great great time driving all over Delhi, pulling ankit’s leg (which was pretty expected), having a meal, strolling over CP and enjoying metro joy ride.

I simply can’t stop praising E SHREEDHARAN for his vision, unflinching dedication and his effort in putting Delhi in the world map and giving delhiiites a gift for a lifetime. He is going to be remembered by generations and generations for giving people such a fast, hassle free and cheap mobility. I found the metro infrastructure and its shuttles of truly international standard. Everything is just superbly planned and the best thing which I noticed is that people too have such a great civic sense, you don’t find any maddening rush and scuffle anywhere, nobody is littering the floor and platforms. Everything is such well organized that it’s very easy to find the train and platform.i can say that Sheila dikshit’s govt is chosen to power again only because she had shown results and with commonwealth games approaching, infra development is at a fast pace with a plan to connect noida and other neighboring places to delhi.delhi is going to take a quantum jump in years to come.

Came back to hostel and got the news that tomorrow we have economics class from 10 to1 and all my dreams of waking up late have just dashed. But feeling very rejuvenated after such incredible Sunday. My heartiest thanks goes to ankit for giving me such a magnanimous bday treat and to pallavi for offering to drive us down to Delhi and showing temple, for suggesting us CASTLE 9 and last but not the least for being such a sweat and nice girl!!

Bon la viva!!!Adios!!

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