Thursday, October 29, 2009

Campus Back to its Life!!!

After coming back from home post diwali I have noticed something phenomenal and unusual which I had not experienced till the mid terms. The loads of classes and assignments has significantly reduced and we get sometimes lots of classes cancelled,rescheduled,less assignments and what more the subjects are also becoming more interesting..I am just wondering how and if at all what I am perceiving is true or just my mind is contrived.

may be I am so used to these things that the deadlines just don’t seem to straining me anymore and the grueling schedules are getting accepted to me. No doubt my pace of activities is also increasing with so much time available with me. The senior batch has also come back to the campus from their vacations and the campus is again back to life with all the action happening everywhere. The atmosphere in the campus after dinner is just worth watching. You will see different club meetings happening somewhere in the campus with large group of students in a huddle(now that reminds me that I have to do something for operations club as well) ,people playing badminton and football under flood light,freinds and seniors just chilling out at the cafeteria enjoying the hot sip of triple strong coffee and of course no of couples trying to just spend some intimate moments with each other..

And where do I find myself.well unlike them I finish off my dinner, go to cafeteria, have my bournvita,talk to few worthy people and discuss about some things and directly come back to my room racing toward the assignments ,competitions, projects and my certificate study. With so many things having to finish, my nights do stretch till 5 am more or less. My average hour of sleep has reduced to 4-5 hrs and still I crib why we have got only 24hrs a day.

good thing is that we have 2 days of holiday this weekend and I am planning to take a break from college and go to my friends place, have some beer, do masti and roam delhi.just been waiting for the power packed weekend to come. But having said that I have to wind up some high priority work before I take a leave.

Looking forward for good fun!!


murali said...

ya post diwali we got accustomed to such hectic schedules and deadline so we dint find any da way wat do u mean by worthy people my dear...???

ThE LooP said...

u see i have started to given weightage to the GYAN given by various seniors.some thing is right,some thing i dont find by 'worthy people',i class them and try to avoid negative thoughts..
dont u worry buddy,ur a good mate!!!