Sunday, October 11, 2009

celebrating 45days in IBA!!!

Finally a big sigh of relief has come knocking to our door after we gave today our last paper of the mid terms. The exam went quite smooth with most of them as sitters. It’s been 1 and half month in the college and honestly saying we haven’t got the time to think and the time has flown. To mark the end of the midterm we gave away with our last paper as well today.

Today is the first day when I am so much relaxed in the college otherwise there was not a single time when I had nothing to do and I was sitting idle in the college (that is different issue that I don’t like sitting idle and I would find time to do something constructive). In my previous posts I have mentioned that I am longing for the day when I would be peacefully sitting on the staircases of roof top with all my batch mates just chatting over random topics and today I have witnessed it.

It’s such a good feeling especially when you have been slogging till late nights firefighting with your group for completion of the assignments and at the same time attending the lectures which is followed by presentation by seniors for various group activities and then do your own study till the exams that you hardly get time to breathe and one day you find yourself sitting on rooftop with your entire batch after dinner with very cool breeze flowing and you see all your friends just very happy ,relaxed ,all giving good vibes with somebody pulling somebody’s leg for some reason and here you are sitting amidst them all and you see all these things happening in front of you and then you feel just so peace at large that you just give a sweet smile looking at such a scenario of friends jelling up with each other and the bond of friendship already sowing and the kind of feeling which you get is simply indescribable.

This very feeling is so much precious for me especially because it reminded me of that day when few months back I used to prepare for my Mba entrance exams sitting in my 6by6 feet room for 12hrs working harder only by motivating myself because I wanted myself that one day I am also going to join Mba and I will be sitting with my batch mates and chilling with them and then I would retrospect the hard times I had been through in my past and today is the day when I see that dream coming true. I feel blessed today. Unlike others my experiences make me more positive in my life and have made me more determined that if you want something very desperately then you will get it.

When I am writing this I am also having nagging thought that the way we have seen 1 and ½ months flying from our face we won’t realize how we will see the end of our Mba.I can imagine the intensity of togetherness and unity among our batch mates within this time that parting away from our family is surely going to be a very emotional affair. We all will be stepping into corporate world and few years down the line when will meet some of our batch mates and take a trip down the memory lane we will surely miss those wonderful lifetime memories.

Before I get more senti I would sign off with the line:

You don’t just gain your MBA, you life an experience!!!


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