Sunday, October 18, 2009

Diwali-Before & After!!

If I’d not written this blog during this time then I would have been totally unfair to myself because of so many developments happening recently. I am guessing if this is supposed to be long one.allright first things first.

I got my much needed vacation for diwali from college for 4 days and I somehow managed to get my tickets and came home. When I say that I somehow managed to get my tickets I am trying to underplay the whole adventure and the so called thrill attached with it. To be honest and little daring, (at least while blogging),I had my first brush with the Delhi thugs and in a real costly way.i paid 2200 for a waitlisted AC ticket which actually costs 1350bucks.on the top of that I spent my 7hrs just for that and bribed another 200 to the TTE and ended up getting a place to stretch my legs in train at 4 AM. Is that how to take ‘good and sound ‘decisions? I am too upset to write something more on this.

On the good part, I came to the place called HOME, met my sis RICHA whom I haven’t met for a long time. The feeling is so special when the whole family is together after such a long time and you are celebrating diwali together, playing pranks on each other is just undescribable.i just love my holidays.

But the big things are that on Dhanteras when people buy valuable assets, I bought an invaluable book called ‘My Years at General Motors’ by the legendary ALFRED SLOAN. Unfortunately I am not getting enough time to finish the book and I am struggling to complete it. For those who want to buy the book, my piece of advice is buy it only when you are very serious management reader and you are looking for minutiae intricacies of corporate mangement,structure,policies and governance.

I am very sure that this book will provide me the much needed insight to take a look at management in a new and broader way, let’s see how things go.

Now comes the best part, as you all by now must have heard a lot of times that I had been preparing for my APICS exam, so day before yesterday I got my result that I have successfully cleared the exam. My first foot forward to career in Operations has proved to a a best one. I am very elated, confident and relived. My will has become much much stronger that I am not less than anyone, I do posses those capabilities which people in Operations have and I must and must pursue my next module at any cost. When I say that I am very resolute in continuing my next module with my MBA,I will have to give a lot of effort ,meaning thereby managing time very well, doings things faster and efficiently and sleeping less.

Sleep is my bottleneck and I generally tend to give up if I lose my sleep for few days. I have to show consistency in my effort.

Looking forward to finishing eBook on Leadership by JACK WELCH. Can’t believe book reading can also be given as an assignment, though I love reading books and I would be very forthcoming in reviewing the book.

I have too many things in my head, just trying to figure out how to plan it out.
There is an essay writing competition on business topics for which I have to give good time on research, then I am also participating in paper presentation competition, have to maintain my GPA for end term, study for MPR as well. And I am still wondering how to do it.

Am sure with days passing by, things will formulate and I will be able to see things happening more clearly.

As of now going to help mom in preparing my favorite breakfast and editing this text.

See ya!!

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