Saturday, October 10, 2009

Obama as Nobel Peace Prize Winner???

Yesterday night while preparing for my exam I just took a break for few mins and thought that I should be good idea to take a look at the current news. I opened TOI and I was taken aback by knowing that Barack Obama has been given Nobel peace prize for 2009 for his ‘untiring initiatives’ in nuclear disarmament. In words of Nobel committee he is given award “for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples”..

I am really surprised and puzzled as to how come obama figure out in the lists of Nobel prizes awardees for peace prize. What really is intriguing is the fact that it has just been months that Obama has taken the highest position of the US and the initiative which he has undertaken for making the world nuclear weapons free is disputed too. At one point us is thinking of making the world nuclear weapons free under the leadership of Obama and on the other hand under his gun us is supplying weapons, arms and ammunition to countries like Pakistan,Israel,Georgia.How could we justify obama to be seen as a leader working towards peace!

I believe it is too premature to recognize Obama for his so called achievements because evidence has shown that his contributions is mere a bold initiative and still no substantial development has taken place not to mention that when we recognize Obama with Nobel peace prize we are putting him in the league of marrthi attisaari,mohammed younus,IPCC,Mother Teresa who have devoted their entire life in doing some ground breaking and some extraordinary work and there is little dispute and no second thoughts between their achievements and the recognition.

Putting Obama in that league is rather immature and it just shows the lack of vision and mission from the Nobel panel. There are still people who are actively working hard in uplifting the poverty and contributing their efforts in bringing the society towards world peace in the jungles of Africa, deserts of Sahara and as far as in Korea but it is really astonishing and saddening to know that obama has been recognized those people who actually deserve the recognition have been harshly overlooked..

In the words of Obama he has himself shown his humblity by ackoledging that he does not deserve to be in this elite group. If we consider the achievements of last year’s Nobel awardee we will find:
Marrthi ahtisaari:
After 13 years of UN Namibia involvement, Mr. Ahtisaari's position as Under-Secretary General ended on June 30, 1991. His first peacemaking task resulted in the independence of Namibia. This experience has had crucial importance in his later work.
During this time Finland joined the European Union and overcame a severe economic recession.
Together with the Crisis Management Initiative facilitated the peace process between the Government of Indonesia and the Free Aceh Movement.
Facilitating the withdrawal of Yugoslav/Serbian military and security forces from Kosovo and the establishment there of an international security and civil presence.
Promotes youth employment and entrepreneurship through the Imagine Nations Group.

I understand that a person who has taken a very bold initiative of making the world nuclear weapons free must be given the support and recognition because curbing this menace means saving the world from doomsday and bringing the world towards eternal peace and it should be applauded when this volunteering comes from none other than the world’s most powerful person Barack Obama .But I want to take a step back and ask the most fundamental question ,is the Nobel prize awarded to people who have already achieved this hiatus or its objective to support somebody in its initiative whether is past records qualify him for that or not?

Are the Nobel committee not diverting from its objective of honoring people than taking responsibility and using its status in satisfying its objective.
If I have not gone too far than I have started to believe already that in my view MAGSESAY awards are more valuable than Nobel.


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Ankur said...

its really a nice thought.....he really dont deserve a Noble prize......