Thursday, October 1, 2009

1 month in IBA

It’s going to be almost a month since I first joined the campus. And this 1 month has been tremendous in terms of experience and learning. I faced lots of ups and downs in this 1 month.

I didn’t realize that it would take me some time to settle here in this campus compared to my peers. One reason what I can attribute to this is that I see them very happy and satisfied. As if that’s what’s they wanted and they got. There I differ, I am happy because I am doing MBA which I dreamt of and I have got a good college but I am not satisfied and still believe that I deserve something more. This month has uncovered numerous aspect of my personality by exposing me to different situations and I have come to find that I have so many skills which I can hone them in good direction.

For e.g. I never knew that I am a good public speaker, I can converse with people intelligently, think deeply and critically. I can handle the work pressure and I can meet deadlines .I can work hard and I have a tremendous ability to adjust with the situation. With so many group activities going on I can even say safely that I am good team player and I am a good coordinator.

On an academic front, I find that there are few subjects who I find interesting but before joining MBA I never knew that .I have got a good liking about marketing. My prejudice for marketing has come to shatters because marketing involves so much of logical and deep analysis that sometimes its mind boggling. The level of high you get when you think something strategically cannot be described. Then finance is another area which I am scared of. I thank my careful decision to not press myself for pursuing finance as my major. It’s not because it’s not my cup of tea but it’s mainly because it involves too much of accounting and lots of analytical ability which is one area I lack in.

Supply chain has been one subject which always makes me sit up. Whenever I hear this word I feel that it’s something of my domain. I wished we had some subjects which were more intense and requires more thinking ability. We have few subjects which though I do not doubt about their worth but they don’t require much of your thinking.i crave for knowledge and yearn for thought.

I really think almost all the day except sleeping. My friends are right when they spot me thinking over something. They think that I am lost but I wished had they been bit smarter to understand how much important is thinking and analyzing over minutest things in your surroundings.

One more thing has been bugging me since long. I have been thinking that I should been undertaking any research work for e.g. working on some paper presentation or case study.i have always tried to position myself as different from others and this project will give me that edge which my peers which not have.

Let’s see how things work!!

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murali said...

this one reminds me of my first experience in IBA.Thanks to my friend for that.