Wednesday, September 30, 2009

just a bad day!!

yet another bad day today..i was knowing right from morning something's going to be wrong today and my intution was right.we had a group activity for organizational behaviour where we were exposed to a quiz and then dumb charade.we played pathetically all because of some goof ups and we ended up coming 4th group.such a loser were we..
the activities were divided in 3 1 st part we were supposed to nominate 1 person from our group and he had to speak on 1 minute keeping in mind 3keywords.i failed miserably on that.i could'nt even rememeber those words and i just got 3 marks.i have to improve my listening skills a lot.
then we had a marketing presentaion where we were grilled was failed show because :1)i was not prepared and confident enough about what i was speaking.2)i was not sure what exactly we were supoosed to speak and what should our PPT consist of.
as a result we ended up making something which was totally irrevelant.all hopes were broken,felt very dejected.
but i am waiting very eagerly for any other presentation so that next time i dont give any body any chance on any issues and we come home as a winner.people see me as a leader and i must show results in equal spirit.i have to work more hard.

mid terms are just next week and i still dont have any idea about what is accouinting and stats.those are the two areas where i need to work a lot.that being said,i have to give lots of effort,hard work and time apart from my regular a nutshell,stay awake for longer hours and give it to the best.

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