Friday, October 23, 2009

5 AM works!!!

At 5 in the morning what do you expect a normal person to be upto.A normal sane person would be dead sleep but here in Mba I realized the figure of 5 is too exciting and that is why I chose to write a blog rather than catch-up up on my sleep.

And its not that I am a compulsive blogger (though I have started doubting on that off late), but it’s because I have a strong thinking ingrained in myself that this is the two years in my life when I can choose to live the life of out its max.these are few moments which I am going to take with myself when I pass out of this b school and probably few years down the line I might like to just think back about all those crazy things we had done.

No wonder you can imagine the state of a guy who has attended Lectures till 8 pm and then busy firefighting with the tons of assignments till 4.30.if this feels daunting then yes it did to me as well but once you become part of the whole crowd then its just a mad rush to meet deadlines, to do maximum things in a day and believe me it’s fun. And at the end of the day when it’s time to hit the bed and you try to think what you did since morning then there will be innumerable things. I am coming to realize that Mba is not a course which will give you some exclusive and specialized knowledge but the whole purpose is to reinforce the idea of team work, time, strategy and of course few doggone subjects like MANAC.

I don’t know what occurred to me suddenly that I thought I should rather write something. For most of my waking hours I have been either watching something on MS OFFICE or working on some MS office. So the idea hit me that why not use ms office at 5 am. (yes, this can sound silly to you because my weary mind).

Anyway, coming back to few issues.i got my score card of my APICS exam and I got 93 % result. Well if you feel it’s a wonderful job then it’s an illusion because the passing score is 300 out of 330 so getting 307 is no big deal and I am scared as to what will happen to me in the coming exams when my level of prep is anytime going to be lesser than what I gave to BSCM.moreover because I had prepared very hard for this exam during my vacations. This clearly shows how much more smart people in this world are.

Looking forward to enrolling myself for next APICS module and buying materials. Will have to go to noida to buy this book and it is lots of money.

Today we had a guest lecture; it was a lady from National entrepreurship network. The lecture was just to make us aware that there is a society and a organization which works for nurturing the prospective entreprenuers.they have something called E Cell in all good engg and mba colleges which is run by students who are deeply passionate about entrepreneurship .they conduct some events and workshops from time to time and they are also mentored by industry people if they find that the ideas have some potential.

The presentation really moved me and it gave me a good food for thought. I really think now that if I calculate how much money will I be able to earn in my whole life time which working for somebody and how much money will I be able to earn if I am an entrepreneur.

Time will see which way I am moving as for the ppt today has changed my outlook and forced me to come out of my closet and think something bold.
I am looking forward for my honest participation towards this cause.

Time to take a nap.Have to wake up at 8am.

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