Monday, October 26, 2009

Vital Vs Trivial!!!

I am beginning to wonder if B school lifestyle and culture is making me lazy or more active. at times there seems to be a conflict in my mind because if I consider my pace in executing my tasks and completing the assignments then I would rate myself to be fairly active guy but when it comes to doing my daily chores and trivial things I am just too diffident to do anything. And this just reminded me that I have to:
Change my wound dressing which I was supposed to change a long back,
Wash my briefs and handkerchiefs (which if I don’t do tonight my getting ready for tomo would be in jeopardy),
Have to take my medicines which I should have taken during lunch,
Get the washed linens from laundry (else the jeopardy for getting ready will change to a sure shot 0 probability of attending my stats class).

In spite of knowing that the weightage of my laziness overpowers my activeness I still am too lazy to believe I should change my presumptions. I have a one liner for this by which I go by "vital few-trivial many"..That means you tend to go for only vital things and leave trivial things. But I guess my threshold level has reached.

Well if u haven’t figured that out yet, what you have been reading till now was 'trivial many’ from my perspective.Here comes the vital few.

Feeling happy that I have taken initiative in completing my essay which is going to be a part of the competition I am participating in. Luckily I had done a fair amount of research and I am happy that I had been able to put those things in coherent and logical manner.
Am currently able to devote some part of my time for APICS prep as well and I am just wondering, tensed and curious if I will actually be able to keep my prep going as I expected to. If I actually be able to do so,i'd be the happiest guy.

Just changed the layout of my blog and read some really really nice blogs from students of ISB and WHARTON. Thankfully something motivated me to think and write my blog. My nonexistent readers will surely like this.

See yaa soon!!

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