Monday, October 5, 2009

Silence is the Loudest Sound!!

To give you a fair idea about how intensive and rigorous is the course, let me give you an example of yesterday.we had classes till 8 in the evening followed by assignments which went on till 1 in the morning.mid terms are coming so had to slog out for that too .hence we studied till 5 in the morning. Woke up at 9 sharp and in 30 mins I outdid by best timing by getting ready, having breakfast till reaching the class in 30 mins.The craziest fact that 9 am is the prime time for bathroom occupancy and you literally have to run around the whole hostel treasuring for some vacant bathroom.

The situation was made more worse when we realized that the class is for ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOUR. The subject seems interesting as long as there is some group activities in the class but when you have slept for just 4 hrs and reach the class dreary eyed with less than half class attendance imagine what trauma you have gone through.
To add salt to our wound, the Understanding Behavior class in which we were supposed to show case our PPT got cancelled for which we burned the midnight oils. But you don’t sit back and agonize but u just accept it as it comes knowing that it’s part and parcel of the course. This entire situation just makes you get a feel of real life situation and lets you handle each and every minute of yours.

With classes getting cancelled, the message which faculty seems to be giving is very loud and clear. I interpret it as 'fasten your belts guys because this is the silent before the storm'.
So that after mid terms we won’t have enough reason to complain about the PLs which we rightfully deserved.
talking about my priorities, well I am very clear from my mind that I am not going to spend any more energy on completing assignments till exam, all my focus has to be on my subjects especially the monster ones STATS and ACCOUNTS as they are the ones I am unfamiliar with. All in all sleep has to be the sacrificial lamb.

I hope I just do as I have planned. Updates will follow as for now time to go into the depths of probability cases!!!


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