Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Things which Mba makes you to do(PART 1)

•When the tube in the bedroom goes fuse, you have to use the toilet shit pot as your sit pot to write your blog. Well I have been studying information systems half inside the bathroom from last 1 hour and believe me I could actually concentrate more. Remember the famous line by alquee padamsee’I carry a notepad and pen in the toilet when I go to loo because that’s when I think more clearly. Shah Rukh khan has said in an interview that his favorite place in his grand mansion ‘mannat’ is his palatial bathroom. After solving so many case studies and analysis I am feeling very tempted to do some analysis on ‘toilet think therapy’. Wondering what does Ben Bernanke and Alan Greenspan would be thinking in toilet during the recession.

•You feel terribly thirsty and still don’t waana go to get your bottle filled and find for drops of water in your neighbor’s rooms. If you’re unlucky and very desperate you take the bottle and climb 20stairs to fill your bottle and when you come back to your room, you again get to drink only drops of water because by that time other people come to know that you are going to get water and they are waiting for you like devils.ofcourse you can’t say no,’ every dog has his day’..

•You know some wonderful, close and old friends who live nearby and they call you on weekend to meet with them, have fun and you still have to stay strong and have to say no to them because ‘you have to study’. you turn them upset, dislike it, you hate doing it, you feel really bad and then you keep figuring out the entire Sunday whether your decision was right or wrong and because you think on it for the whole day you just don’t do any study..

•You have a event waiting for you where you are selected, you have to take your dinner and you are least bothered about all of that and sitting in your loo writing this blog happily..

•You wear your mba’s shoe at e9 in morning and remove it at 4 in the next morning.

•You have slept for just 4hrs in the night and you wake up at 9.25 in the morning and have class at 9.30 and find the bathroom already occupied, you somehow manage to reach in class at 9.36 only to discover that its accounts class. You fight too hard to differentiate between 'proposed dividend' and 'dividend payable’. Since you have to avoid falling into your much needed sleep you fill the class with unwanted, irrelevant discussions on its differentiation knowing fully that what you have been saying it’s just plain stupidity (or is it not)!!!


murali said...

hey dude...touched da typical iba lyf we live....so did u get the dividend frm ur 'company'

ThE LooP said...

thats what i am trying to figure out buddy!!!