Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Objectivity is Reality!!

Time flies and i am witnesssig watching it go by.few days are left now when i have to finally pack my bags and leave for my coll.and as the date of departure is coming closer ,innumerable thoughst ae crossing my mind.i am attending dinners at my relatives place each night and evenings are mostly spend with meeting family freinds and relatives..

So it was yesterday i met with my dad's freind who had visited us.off late i have become taciturn is socializing with people whom i scarcely know or with whom i dont share a common topic to discuss with but here he was,i dont know but somehow we hit it off, because he took pains in discussing my favourite topic called PHILOSOPHY.we discussed all range of topics like power of reason,ego,morality,ethics,culture ,values and law of nature etc etc and i must say it was very enlightening.but there were few issues which i differed with him outright but i dared not be critical with him then.but since morning my mind is swaying back and forth on those issues and making me perplexed.so below is the the letter which i wanted to write to him which will never reach him:

Hello uncle,
I sincerly thank you for engaging me in such a enlightening and fruitful discussion we had last evening.i am astonished and flabbergasted to know the richnesss and deep insight of your knowledge on these issues but please spare me my ignorance but i beg to differ with you on few issues.

I still believe that reason should be the hightest moral principle and guiding force of mankind.there is no limit on the horizon of reason and should never be because reasoning clears the doubt and shows the truth.

Your ideology says:if the husband and wife live a life of reason and they both are equal in terms of knowledge then there are bound to be ego hassles and the strength of institution of marriage gets weaker because the ego comes mid way and man will be hurt because his ego will hurt.

I think the premise of your philosophy is flawed because if the ego is hurt and the cause of ego is unreasonable then the ego is invalid.its a wrong emotion and the reason why we get hurt is because from centuries man has always believed and lived with the false assumption that female is the lesser soul and she deserves to be dominated and that is why she was deprived of education and awareness.she has always been dominated and her desires suppressed in the name of male go,and now when they are empowered and they ask for their rights we are hurt!!

We need to change our orthodox values.civilization and society changes with time and changes for the good.i am of the belief that if a person lives a rational life then reason will make him find the cause of this unprecedented emotion and will auto correct it based on this objective reality.if you go and look down the history you will come to believe that whatever advancements society has achieved is because of the men of reason.we always move ahead and not backward.

Please excuse me for my naivety but my beliefs are based on the practical truth which i see now and everywhere and which is here to stay!!!

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