Friday, August 14, 2009

In The Middle Of Rapid Change

i want to avoid being platitudinous and cliched but this deserves acknowledging the fact that with time people do change.

same is true for me.being at home without the pressures of study and work,it has given me enough opportunity to retrospect myself and take a trip down the memory lane.its a general phenomenon that the maximum change happens to a person during his very early years but i have come to believe that things are little different on my side.i had experienced such a drastic change in my perception and outlook within last 2 years and that too so fast which i really couldn't have expected it.

well,i was really not able to figure out what exactly am i into and on a macro side what phase of life am i going through currently.the more i tried to delved deep into this question,the more obfuscating it became.after bit of pondering i coined a phase and can safely say that it aptly suits me and it goes like 'in a middle of rapid change'.

and i completely agree with it as i have every reason to believe it.
that change has made me more receptive,understanding,patient,i have started analysing things differently and to some extent goal oriented..
i know there are a lot of my Friends who tell me that i have changed a lot and i am different or i don't talk all that much now.i say that yes they are right and i do enjoy my this state very much.its just that i am still trying to figure out my real self and who i really am,what is my comfortable zone what are my liking and dis the days pass by,i am able to unravel my quests and am able to figure out abt the things.

so to those who think that i am not the one whom they knew in college days,its 'work-in-progress!!!

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