Monday, August 10, 2009

Dichotomy between Occidental & Oriental

this is something over which i have been pondering from quite a long time,did some reseach,made some logical guesses and now i am ready to share some of the ideas and thoughts about issues behind the dichotomy between the developed world and developing world.

well,as Charles Darwin rightly presented his ideas in his book ORIGIN OF SPECIES which led to deep understanding about the survival of the is very interesting to relate the race among the humans to lead the eternal combat to just is very evident and common sense that everyboidy needs some way for the survival which in turn can be achieved by economic activity.economic activity and production of resources develops human society.

The society is recognised by its culture,its history,is lineage,values and the progress.the quality of the society is directly related to the quantity and the quality of the creation by the very society.

if you go by the crude way then this process of production and creation of the product by addition of value to the raw materials by the constitution of society is called technology.

my definition of technology does sound different from the definition we know now.the stark difference is because the defintion of technology is itself evolving in nature. centuries ago say around 1700s the technology was centred mostly mechanical i.e the source of income of the people was mainly by physical work through innovations in mechanical work.i can vouch for that because ages ago there were no industries and nothing was automated ,the economy was almost agrarian and the gross national prodcution was mostly due to agricuture and blue collar work.hence in olden times everyone was equally rich and equally poor across demographics.

but the western countries started seeing the change in the technology from mechanical to information.slowly and slowly the technology became information and most jobs started shifting to i said before,this again resulted in formation of a group or a result most of the high paying jobs went to information technology which was a brain child of the west,most of the innovations came from western world and hence the quality of the society started growing better in western countries.

when industrial revolution started and took place in europe,the oriental were still living in mechanical technolgy and were still busy with mechanical innovations which were low in oriental or third world remained poor cousins of west and hence we were left with abundence of blue collar people.

as a result we will see in coming times when western countries will find shortage of blue collar workers due to higher education imparted to them and the chances of better standard of living as compared to jobs in agrarian work or blue collar and we will accept industrialization by shifting from kingdoms and vying for white collar jobs.

if this seems convincing or even if does not then one can try to juxtapose my views with the historical incidents and once will come to believe that they all seem relevent to what am saying here.

my ideas became more solidified when i read peter drucker.he had explained some very interesting theories which has contributed to my analysis.

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