Wednesday, August 12, 2009

ready to begin my MBA

hey after months of long wait ,my MBA journey is finally going to begin from 29th of august.i had been waiting for this very day from a long time since year and a half.i started as my dream to get enrolled in the best college with my MBA prep but fate had its own plans and i am destined to graduate from INDIAN BUSINESS ACADEMY.

though its not among the big wigs but the management running this organisation is very aggressive and i am very glad to find the same level of professionalism and seriousness in their attitude which is enough to justify my a time due to my scores and amazing acads there were no colleges who were offering me admission which made me start to think at one point of time if i will be able to get admission. atlast IBA showed faith in me and here i am proudly admitting to be a student of class 2011.

have to do all sort of shopping before then,prepare my resume ,organize my documents ,gets some passport sized snaps before i reach there.excitement has already started to unfold and i am really very eager to start a new phase of my life. until now i have been reading blogs of B-school students but in a course of time i will also join the big league and into the race towards corporate world.

i wish myself all the best!!

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