Sunday, August 2, 2009

face the reality!!!

well,why is there so much furore over these reality shows suddenly .i was watching this talk show where all these famous personalities were debating with each other over the issue of morality,censorship,parental control etc..

let me take the case of this show called sach ka saamna.there were some speakers in the talk show who were bickering over the fact that this show is just a mockery of humans sentiments and is crossing the sacred line of privacy and much so that they have announced that it should be banned!!

well,from my point of view,i see that there is nothing wrong in the show which is being aired.the supreme court has itself given the verdict that it they are not sitting there to choose what's moral and what's not.all i say is if you find something which is unacceptable to you than you can simply switch off your idiot box.nobody is forcing you to watch that channel and accept that 'vulgarity'.

as a matter of fact,the people who come on the show are very much responsible and mature to understand the level of questions and their breach hood of privacy,they know how dangerous it could be ,yet in spite of knowing all and weighing their decisions they come on the basically they are ready to compromise on their privacy at the cost of getting richer by good handsomely if they do not have any problem then who are we to enforce our ideology of right and wrong on them.there is this brouhaha over this show because we find these questions too sharp and agonizing and sensitive.

but look at other side,the reason why this show is getting such hight TRPs is because people like this,in the sense that we all are inherently sadistic and we like experiencing the situations which are too bold and exciting.lets face it,the show producers have become very smart and they know how they can hold the audience.

its human psychology!!

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