Thursday, July 30, 2009

AICTE-the fraudulent body!!

i hope we all must have been aware about the sensational news about the country's top technical education governing body AICTE's chairman and its sleuths being involved in the bribe row.the CBI official had raided the house of aicte chairman ,his sectatary and other high ranked people on the charges of taking bribe from enginneering colleges on the pretext of approving their colleges.and they have been proved guilty of the charges and have been rightfully sacked.

this is a very good news with the fact of the matter that the govt had taken this decision with such alacrity and seriously.i must thank mr.kapil sibbal for showing such considerable progress in the education sector of the country which has been shackled in the hands of these corrupt babus.

after the incident of such reputed body like AICTE getting involved in such shameful incident a question needs to be asked that do we really need a body like AICTE and UGC for granting their permission to professional colleges to run the college.these people who are living light years away from today's reality and present scenario,should we leave onto them to decide what should be taught,how big should be campus and how many staff should be there and how many toilets should be built when their yardstick is not how a particular parameter is justifying today's competitive world but with the weight of 'lubrication money'.

this is a dismaying and shocking incident and it has revealed the true picture of what is the current stage of the education sector of our country.we can fairly guess what is the future of this country till this sector is run by these people who care nothing less than their bank balance.
today their are so many colleges which have fulfilled their norms as per AICTE's guidelines but still they are not been given the recognition and paradoxically there are lots of colleges mushrooming each and everywhere which are good for nothing and they still have AICTE approval.such is the irony of our country.

after all,what is the basis of granting the approval.why don't we just scrap it off as these very norms and guidelines are so old and unamended from so many years that they are just obstacles to the need of dynamic educational lacks the spirit of progress and vision.

i was reading this magazine yesterday in which this college's principal was claiming the exact rates for no of seats,how they have to go each and every year to AICTE to renew their approval and gets harassed by them.
what we need today is a body which should comprise of government and independent members who are highly distinguished in the various fields like education ,corporate world,research and philosophers who can take over the education sector and save it from what it will be otherwise be lost into oblivion.

though this is a very naive suggestion from which i begin with but i definitely hope that with the arrival of Mr kapil sibbal and with the attitude and approach he has shown till now,their seems to be light at the end of the tunnel..

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