Tuesday, July 28, 2009

welcome to reality!!

if you will surf to an earlier post of mine you will find a blog about how much change the city has undergone,how much it has developed and what are the changes in the perceptions of people.

this morning i woke up and read the hindi daily and i realized how naive i was that without going much deeper i came out of the conclusion.i was wrong,nothing has changed and pardon my harshness but i am damn sure that with the people's mentality here nothin is going to change either.
now again i will not commit the same mistake by jumping on to conclusions as i did earlier for which i duly aplozige.instead i will read out two headlines which i read in todays' newspaer and will leave it upon you to infer if i am wrong or not.

NEWS1 :a local MLA goon ,who is chargesheeted for various offences stormed into Additional District Magistrate in his office yesterday with the purpose of some case related to his constituency.and guess what this MLA slapped the ADM,kicked him,tore his clothes right in his office right in front of his collegues and his juniors and no one watching the shameless act dared to do anything to stop this.

the adm felt so humialted with his soiled self respect that he could'nt control himself and he was visibly left in tears in front of the media persons.i still remember those words which he said "what is the use of my hard work,my study,my sacrifice which i have put for this job when my self respect and dignity can be soiled,it would have been better had i worked in a small paan shop,how will i face my family".

scene:delhi high court:case: a female high class civil servant had compained about the sexual harrasment from her boss.
result-she was locked up in jail,beaten up badly several times,raped by cops.now she is at such stage that she is on verge on becoming lunatic.as an evidence she was crying today in front of judge that now there is no self respect left,she is ready to be auctioned by anybody and things like that.
judge:she had reserved the judgemnet for a future date.

now what the hell is wrong with us.i was seething with anger when i was reading this.there is this lady who had sacrificed her whole youth and studied hard to earn a respectable job,and this is the result she has got.her whole life has been destroyed all because of these wild animals who are living scot free in the society.have we ever stopped and thought about these acts of injustice.

it has pained me to know that a shameful incident of such stature could happen with such a high ranked civil servant and yet no one could dare to stop this incident.how the ADM must have really felt.did he studied so hard just to live for this day.is this the level of power and judiciary in our society.this ia a livid example of the power of feifdom that today law has bowed under its pressure.

there are infinite questions coming into my mind and i am dismayed,shocked and disturbed about the ugliness of the truth.we all are living in a society where is no respect for morals,principles and ethics and the only priciple that governs society is immorality,illiteracy,lack of reason.we are witnessing these things everyday and we are too diffident to do anything.we are allowing the growth of a culture which is filled with chauvinism,complacancy,ego,prejudice and hatred.we all curse it but nobody has the wil to raise his head aginst such injustice.what role models are we trying to create.

we all say that no place is a perfect society,the idea of utopia is an illusion.i agree with this but i know that there are places which are better to live than this rotten place which lacks system.i too have the same level of patriotism in which but not to an extent of being quixotic.

a lesson i learned,never ever land into public sector no matter how lucrative it seems.Thank you!!!

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