Sunday, July 5, 2009

federer Vs roddik wimbledon final

man what a match it was a complete treatise on Sunday for me.i watched the Wimbledon men final title fought between the great roger federer and Andy amazing match and this match will do down in the pages of history as one of the best finals of Wimbledon.

it was also a match which is known for its record or sorts.federer has leveled a record of winning 6 grand slams and leveled record with great Pete sampras.he also hit most no of aces with 50 in was also one of the longest match running over more than 4hrs.

i was enthralled by the ferocity in both the players with both of them fighting nail to nail till the end but federer being just indisputable proved in the end that he is world no 1.

both sides played equally well and it was very close match with no one of them losing any chance.the match went till 5sets with longest being the 5th set.
roddik also played amazingly and gave a tough time to federer with stretching from and making him run all over the court till the end and he played some amazing forehand strokes which is really a rare sight in tennis was a real grand slam final between no 2 and no6.

federer proved that he is an icon who is here to stay and clinched back his no 1 seed which he lost to nadal in a tearful end match.
the match was held in the star studded presence of legends like Bjorn Borg,Pete sampras,man u chairman etc.

i was guessing that the spectators at one point of time must be thinking whether this game is going to end ,though i did not watch the final set but i saw each and every set for 4hrs and the game was just magnificent.
federer is just legendary and i have formed tremendous respect for him from this takes lot of will power,determination and hard work to regain your confidence and prove that you are still the no 1 and the fact that he is all of 27years.

a true Wimbledon final and a perfect way to feast your Sunday evening.i wanted nothing better than watching the greatest tennis players playing their best.

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