Thursday, July 23, 2009

apics register,goal review

so finally after a long ordeal of going through of finding which certification i am going to pursue ,i have finally decided that cpim is the way to get this decision stamped,today i am going to send the dd of 11grands to the test organizing agency based in mumbai and my preparation for the exam starts from today full fledged.that means in a nut shell to get it cracking in a real big way i am eating,sleeping and drinking BSCM till my coll doesnt open.though ofcourse my target and my zeal is not going to end or lessen in anyway but i might not be able to give my 100%dedication from then onwards.

so the exam date is 19th sept and my coll is going to start somewhere around 24th of i see that i have a complete 1 month with me to month is really a good time provided i spend it wisely and efficiently.i have got enough material to get me going.unfortunately i have still not recieved the text book which is very importamnt because its not available anywhere and my search is still on..its really aggravating when you've been trying from last 10days and always hitting the end of the road.

today is also a good day for me because i finished reading 'the goal' ,a book about which i had written in my blog tell you how is it,the very first page i read,i was convinced that my money is worth every penny.

the book is about this guy who has to turn his factory or else they'll be fired and plant be shut down.the book has effectively delineated the various management tools like just in time,total quality management,theory of constraints and finding bottlenecks.these are the tools which any operations manager needs to achieve his GOAL which is making most profit by increasing throughput and reduced operating expenses.

i am delightted that this book has taught me so many lessons which are basic tenets of any production plant.the best thing is that the style of the book is not at all didactic but it is very informal and the whole thing goes through a very interesting story.this is something i feel as a prized possesion.i am going to need this book from time to time in my career to get back to the fundamentals.

i have bought another book by peter drucker,though i have never read drucker but i have heard a lot about him as 'modern managemnt guru',i am dying to read him,but i think that it will have to wait because of my new found commitment towards CPIM.who knows may be i can find some time somehow and quench my intellectual thirst.

as for now,its time to hit sack!!

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