Sunday, July 5, 2009

book review-losing my virginity

as the name suggests this book is an autobiography of Richard branson,the flamboyant British owner of virgin group.

this is a vivid tell-a-tale story of entire life of branson right from his early formative years till fact the book is an year on year account of his is beautiful and happy go lucky story about his innovative ideas,ability of transform his vision into a reality and the larger than life way of living.

A critic has rightly quoted this book that it grips you on the first page and never lets you go.
it is very beautiful description about the important incidents of his life right from his first magazine publication during his college years,his LSD trips,his philandering youth,his inherent entrepreneurial outlook,his across the world balloon trips,his start ups,philanthropy,business ventures and everything we needed to know as to how he achieved that feat.

i was really mesmerized by his lifestyle ,he proved to me that to achieve something you need to be smart that means presence of good common sense and not just college degree.he lived lavish lifestyle but he is also a shrewd businessman.

its a must read for anyone who is into entrepreneurship but on the down side it does not offer any management lessons and what hardships he faced.overall its a nice book to spend time on..

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